Tuesday, January 24

Channel 114 2

Channel 114 (Astro) is radically different to the others television broadcasts. Firstly view the Al Hijrah promo, beautiful background music and video is very interesting promo and give meaning to one thousand viewers. Summary channels Al Hijrah is also filled with very interesting plans. Furthermore, this channel provides a variety of new knowledge required by the world of modernization of society is an increasingly barren religious knowledge. Among the academic programs, islamic and interesting publication such as Madrasah (Faith, Shariah, Morals), 30 Minutes Ustaz Don, Law Kana Bainana, Fattabiouni and more. 

In addition, Al Hijrah present various slots that beautiful and meaningful to watch by all levels of society, including children who are categorized as Zone Aulad (Children's Zone) as it was in the past, Mat Cincang and Baby Khalifah. Furthermore a very significant TV Al Hijrah family watched as the limit of small and only display that high moral road safety advertising, motivation, hadith, quran verse and so on. So parents do not have to worry about the presence of the ads that are not suitable for children under age. 

Here a little bit about the purpose of setting up TV Al Hijrah. As a station that unites the community and to foster solidarity, organized as a society of Islam, as a media that stimulate and accelerate economic Muslim Ummah mold. To introduce a plural society: Islam is beautiful, interesting and beautiful, and Islam as a "way of life". To develop a personal morality and noble society, especially young people and teenagers. To counter the negative propaganda against Islam from within and outside the country. To disseminate Islamic content to the regional and international level and also make Malaysia a hub for Islamic content.

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